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Chapter 1 Notes and Extras

[Expanded Taste] Chapter One: [Pre-Fresh]
Notes and Extras

By Sana Jisushi, using her laptop Makoto and accessories.

"Notes and Extras" segments are inspired by the "TIPS" segments
of "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni", (c) 07th Expansion. They are
intended as supplementary material, and are not required


Welcome to this chapter's Notes and Extras. The introduction and
next episode preview for this chapter were written in the voice
of Momomiya Ichigo. As the main character, this makes sense. She
is telling her portion of the story long after the time it takes
place, which itself is six years after her series. Ichigo turned
thirteen in 2002, according to the Tokyo Mew Mew anime. She is
now approaching nineteen, in the beginning of 2008 (her birthday
is in March).

The chapter title, Pre-Fresh, refers to the term that some
pastry shops use to refer to their frozen goods before they bake
them. Here, the story is just beginning, and the plot hasn't
really started rolling, with just mentions here and there of
things that are going to be important.

The story takes place six years after the beginning of Ichigo's
adventures, not the end.

The politicians that Minto is reading about are Councillor
Sonozaki Mion and Representative Tsukino Usagi, which explains
this chapter's disclaimer. The federal election has just taken
place, and they are the two candidates positioned as most likely
to succeed the prime minister of the time. Both have aged
considerably since the settings of their own series (1983 and
1992, respectively). Note that Mion has moved to the city and
that, despite her series timeline, Usagi is the farthest thing
from ruling the world.

Ichigo has started her winter vacation by this point, but there
is no snow on the ground in Tokyo right now.
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