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Chapter 2 Notes and Extras

[Expanded Taste] Chapter Two: [Reheated]
Notes and Extras

By Sana Jisushi, using her laptop Makoto and accessories.

"Notes and Extras" segments are inspired by the "TIPS" segments
of "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni", (c) 07th Expansion. They are
intended as supplementary material, and are not required


Welcome to this chapter's Notes and Extras. This chapter, I gave
the introduction and next episode preview to Aoyama Masaya. I
wish I could say it was only because of his role in the plot of
this episode, or because it was sort of like welcoming him into
the story. Actually, it's because the poor boy is subjected to
far too much by the crazies in this fandom, and I wanted to ward
off the ship-hatemongers as early as I could.

The chapter title, Reheated, refers to the action "heating up"
in this chapter with the first monster of the week. It also
refers to "reheating" the old MOTW formula, but don't worry,
this isn't going to be a clone of the original series in the

I was going to use "bentou" instead of "lunchbox", but my beta
advised me to translate everything I possibly can, instead of
leave some well-known words in. Either works well enough, in any
case, so it's not a problem.

Ichigo is wearing a ponytail today. In my original character
designs for Expanded Taste, she always had one, but she never
looked like herself unless she had her pigtails in, so I
scrapped the idea. I kept it in this chapter because I forgot,
but when I was editing it, I figured it would be fine for just
one chapter anyway.

See two paragraphs above; replace "bentou" with "Koneko-chan"
and "lunchbox" with "Kitten". I think I could have kept this,
but again, either works.

I've set down teleportation laws in this universe that would
accommodate the aliens' original teleportation as well as the
strict rules from the universes I'm blending in. Instant
teleportation can only be done in a radius smaller than the
average planet, meaning that the aliens, where they parked their
ship in Tokyo Mew Mew, could still teleport down to Tokyo and
around the city. However, the owner of the mecha is shown to
violate these laws, teleporting very, very far away. I'll leave
it to you to guess where they went.

Ah, the luggage monster. I wanted to give a very different
first monster than the plants and animals that Ichigo and her
friends fought in the anime. Also, I was looking at a luggage
carrousel in the airport and thought it looked cool, since they
had just renovated it.

Representative Tsukino is hard to characterize. We have the
ditz everyone knows and loves, and that Usagi is firmly in
the minds of the readers, but given her age, this is
supposed to be the graceful, admirable Neo Queen Serenity
(although she's not queen yet, even though she's supposed to
be). Takeuchi-sensei put a few quirks of the original in on
occasion, like the fact that she writes in only hiragana, so I
tried to do that. I really hope I succeeded and nobody calls me
OOC, especially for such an iconic character!
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